FTIR-Rocket FT-NIR-Rocket

IR spectrometer
Flexible FTIR module for
fibered and free speace
applications from 2-12 µm

FTIR spectrometer
Compact Fibered FT-NIR
spectrometer for th 0.9-2.6 µm
wavelength range

ARCspectro-HT SpectroSolar

NIR spectrometer
High sensitive static FT
spectrometer for VIS and NIR
applications. Ideal for diffuse
Reflection measurements

IR spectrometer
Spectrophotometer ideal
for measurments of solar
flash lamps
with integration
time below 1ms!



Absolutely unique! Arcoptix has a now multiple measurement channels on the FTIR OEM module
for more reliable and stable results!


Arcoptix is participating to the Solar Orbiter Mission 2017!